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Why Do Aging Adults Need to Stay Hydrated?

Aging adults often face a number of health problems due to inadequate water intake. Staying hydrated every day helps boost health and wellbeing in seniors and keeps them safe from an array of illnesses. Here are 4 reasons Boca Raton senior care professionals suggest your loved one should stay hydrated.

1. Process Medication

When medications are filtered through your loved one’s kidneys or liver, he or she may have to drink more water to stay healthy. Daily water intake protects organs from permanent damage, prevents certain medical conditions such as kidney stones, and also enables the body to better absorb the medications.

2. Boost Mental Health

Cognitive decline is a part of aging, but it can be slowed with some lifestyle changes such as by drinking at least eight full cups of water every day. If your loved one has a tough time drinking enough water, you should try serving him or her ice chips or caffeine-free tea. Fresh produce is also an excellent source of water, and the additional nutrients can further boost your loved one’s cognitive health.

3. Fight Fatigue

Water is as important for your loved one’s energy levels as food, and chronic dehydration can impact his or her motivation. Dehydration can make the heart work harder to pump blood throughout your loved one’s body. This is one of the many reasons why many athletes drink water to boost their energy level before reaching for a snack.

4. Prevent Obesity

A recent study at the University of Michigan Medical School shows that dehydrated people tend to have higher obesity rates than hydrated ones. Having a glass of water every few hours can enhance metabolism and suppress appetite. Drinking water just before a meal also helps reduce your loved one’s risk of overeating fatty and sugar-laden foods.

Family members can hire professional caregivers at Home Care Assistance to help boost their senior loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Our caregivers can assist your loved one with daily activities and keep a check on his or her meal and water intake, allowing you take a break from your caregiving duties. To learn more about our high-quality respite care, Boca Raton families can call us at (561) 826.9282.