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Tips for Seniors Who Enjoy Traveling

Good health and safety are vital for any traveler. However, they are more essential for seniors who sometimes have physical limitations and are more vulnerable to falls, injuries, and diseases. A few tips from Boca Raton senior care professionals may help the elderly when traveling.

Plan Ahead

Research the culture, language, and climate of the place you are going. Know where any medical facilities are near your hotel, and if needed, consult with your travel agent to arrange for special accommodations, like wheelchairs or accessible hotel rooms. Prepare travel documentation and leave copies of the documents with family. Additionally, go for a medical check-up and consider travel insurance, which could come in handy if you fall, get sick, or run out of medicine.

Pack Light and Get Help with Luggage

Traveling light will help you avoid falls and injuries in foreign countries or places far away from home. Pack everything necessary, including medications, in a carry-on suitcase. Don’t be too shy to ask another passenger to help you load and unload your suitcase from the overhead bin, and have a porter load the luggage in a taxi.


Be sure to take an extra supply of medicine in the event you experience delays while traveling. Write the brand and generic names of the medications on a piece of paper for easy replacement. Don’t pack medications in checked luggage. Consider keeping a cell phone with you to keep your family caregiver, doctor and innkeeper apprised of your health condition. Buy an international SIM card if you are traveling overseas.

Consider What You Eat And Wear

Avoid spicy foods and other foods that may cause discomfort before and while traveling. Consult with your doctor if you are under medications that don’t interact well with foods popular in your destination. You’ll also want to choose beautiful but comfortable flats that will help you maintain balance on uneven surfaces like cobblestone streets.

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