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The Rise of the Aging Workforce

As the baby boomer generation moves into its retirement years, many are opting to work longer or begin a second career after retiring from a long-time position. Instead of retiring from full-time employment at age sixty-two or sixty-five, for example, a rising number of seniors are working until age sixty-six or beyond, some well into their seventies and eighties. Reasons are varied, but raise the question whether people in their golden years are able to successfully continue working past traditional retirement age.

Recent economy changes are forcing older people to reevaluate their retirement options and reconsider working longer at their current career positions. The housing bust of 2008 along with global market instability has led many older workers to hold on to their jobs after losing substantial savings or investments. Some are building a bigger nest egg in preparation for a global economy crash or perhaps depression, which some analysts are predicting.

As a Boca Raton senior care provider, we’re happy that advances in medical care and healthy lifestyle practices are also keeping more people feeling and looking younger for longer periods of time. We’ve seen many seniors who are simply not ready to sit down in a rocking chair and snooze their days away. Energized by resilient vigor, they want to keep doing what they have spent decades learning to do well – and earning higher wages with occasional raises and promotions. Many employees with longevity at their companies are now the CEOs and executives, so they are in no hurry to give up the perks and status they worked so hard to achieve.

Then, there are full-time employees who retire from career positions to work part-time or start a personal business. Some are freelance writers while others are seasonal tax accountants. Many do something different altogether, like landscaping or teaching. Working into their retirement years and beyond, they glean confidence from offering valuable experience and skills to various professions. And the workplace is all the better for their insight and leadership.

The workforce landscape is changing dramatically, with senior employees staying at the helm longer than their predecessors. As long as their health and circumstances permit, many members of our graying population are likely to continue working.

If you have an aging parent or loved one that is considering joining the workforce, there are ample options! While paid jobs can always provide a bit of extra income and security, there are also many options locally for seniors to volunteer and give back to the community. These types of jobs often provide older adults with feelings of independence, self-worth and achievement and are a great way for them to stay social and engaged with the world and people around them.

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