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5 Fun Ways Seniors Can Enjoy the Outdoors This Summer

June is Great Outdoors Month, making it the perfect time to encourage seniors to celebrate while enjoying the beauty of nature. In addition to just being plain fun, these outdoor activities suggested by Boca Raton Home Care Assistance are perfect for kids and adults alike, which means seniors can also soak up some extra bonding with their loved ones.

1. Water Gun Target Shoot

Summer and water go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and everyone loves a good water gun fight. This summer, turn the battle into a competition by setting up targets around the yard. Then, take turns shooting at different distances to see who has the greatest aim.

2. Sidewalk Craft Sale

Seniors who enjoy crafting can take their indoor pursuit outdoors by hosting a sale. This is especially ideal for senior groups who can set up several tables that will attract more potential customers. Whether the seniors keep their profits or donate them to a good cause, they will enjoy socializing as they show off their skills.

3. Modern Scavenger Hunt

During their youth, many seniors participated in scavenger hunts that always led to a neat prize. Now, adults can enjoy deciphering clues in a scavenger hunt with a modern twist. Letterboxing is one type of hunt that involves cracking codes to discover the location of a rubber stamp that players use to make a mark in their journals. Geocaching is another type of hunt that involves using GPS devices to locate a treasure. The prizes range from bragging rights to little trinkets, and seniors can enjoy meeting others who enjoy the game.

4. Supersized Board Games

Almost anything is more fun when it is supersized, and those favorite indoor winter games can be transformed into outdoor sports with a little ingenuity. Use short blocks of wood to make a giant Jenga game, or you can use sidewalk chalk to play Pictionary. An oversized memory matching game can be made by adhering images to large squares of cardboard, and this is one game that can also help boost a senior’s memory.

5. Ladder Bean Bag Toss

This makeshift game can be created in seconds since all it requires is a ladder and beanbag. Simply assign points to each rung of the ladder, and take turns tossing the beanbag to see who racks up the most points. This game is especially great for seniors since it can be played while sitting or standing.

Discover other ways to keep your senior loved one active this summer by reaching out to Home Care Assistance. We offer live-in, hourly, and respite care in Boca Raton, and our caregivers can encourage physical activity, provide safety monitoring on hot days, and offer companionship and emotional support. Learn more by calling (561) 826.9282 and scheduling a free consultation today.