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Easy Stretches for Seniors Seeking Fibromyalgia Relief

Although exercise might be the last thing most seniors with fibromyalgia want to think about, regular stretching is highly recommended for fibromyalgia patients. Starting and sticking to a stretching routine can help improve overall mobility and make it possible for your elderly loved one to experience an active and healthy lifestyle for a long time to come. The experienced live-in and hourly caregivers in Boca Raton recommend the following stretches for seniors with fibromyalgia.

Classic Toe Touches

Toe touches provide an extended stretch through the hips, back, and legs. This stretch is best carried out in a dynamic form, which means using smooth movements during the stretch, rather than the traditional static stretch your senior loved one might be used to.

Yoga Postures

A knowledgeable Boca Raton home care agency can recommend a number of gentle yoga videos that are designed to help stretch and open up the body. Because of its slow, soothing nature, yoga is designed to help your loved one stretch every area of the body without taking it too far. Yoga also helps build strength, increase endurance, and relieve stress.

Overhead Stretches and Shoulder Stretches

The upper body is often engaged in activities like driving, pushing a shopping cart, and other tasks that can be challenging when neck and shoulder muscles are stiff or pained. These exercises are designed to loosen the upper body and alleviate a great deal of tension, making it easier to perform everyday activities.

Hamstring Stretches

The hamstrings are engaged every time your loved one goes up a flight of stairs, stands up from a seated position, or even walks across the floor. How your loved one’s hamstrings feel can also have a direct impact on how his or her lower back feels.

Stretching in the morning can help your loved one loosen up his or her muscles and make daily tasks easier. If your loved one works out regularly, make sure he or she is stretching after as well when the muscles are warmed up and more flexible. Don’t forget to check with your loved one’s physician prior to starting any new exercise or stretching program.

For some seniors with fibromyalgia, everyday tasks like cooking, running errands, and laundry can be difficult. If your loved one could use extra help around the house, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Boca Raton. In addition to our flexible hourly and comprehensive care options, we are also a leading provide of dementia, Parkinson’s, and post-stroke care in Boca Raton. Learn more about our care services by calling (561) 826.9282 and scheduling a complimentary consultation today.