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5 Daytime Habits That Can Help Seniors Sleep Better

Seniors often have difficulty maintaining a regular sleep cycle due, in part, to biological changes that occur with age. Dementia-related conditions and unintentional side effects of medication can also disrupt sleep cycles. One way to improve sleep for seniors is to stay active throughout the day to maintain the body’s natural rhythm. Here are a few suggestions from caregivers in Boca Raton.

1. Embracing Nature

From tending to a small garden to taking a walk to a local park, there are many ways for seniors to embrace nature. Such activities can boost mental health, according to one study, and allow for a level of activity that’s stimulating but not too stressful.

2. Sticking to a Regular Routine

One way to avoid excessive daytime napping, a contributing factor to problems sleeping at night, is to develop a regular routine. Doing so helps maintain mental stimulation while also setting the biological rhythms necessary for recuperhttp://www.homecareassistancebocaraton.com/ative sleep.

3. Eating More Fiber-Rich Foods

A diet rich in high fiber foods like bran flakes and legumes like lentils and black beans encourages the body to reach the stage of sleep where tissue healing and natural restoration occurs. Cutting down on saturated fats and sugars can also help reduce daytime sluggishness.

4. Exercising Later in the Day

Contrary to popular belief, exercising later in the day doesn’t significantly impact sleep, according to recent research. For seniors, some light exercise later in the day, such as going for a short walk after dinner, can provide enough stimulation to remain alert without putting too much stress on joints and muscles.

5. Spending Time in Brighter Environments

Being in darker surroundings can have an impact on sleep, according to one study involving workers in non-window environments. Such research provides an added incentive to brighten rooms and get out and about on nice days. A related study of seniors with Alzheimer’s found that light exposure in the afternoon and evening helped improve sleep.

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