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Centenarian Swimmer Hopes to Set More Records

As the Rio games draw to a close, Michael Phelps may have an unexpected source of competition when it comes to shattering records. Approaching the age of 102, Japan’s Mieko Nagaoka is world-record holder who hopes to set even more records. The disciplined centenarian, who took up swimming while in her eighties, proudly declares she’s “fit as a fiddle” and has no intention of slowing down. In addition to being an avid athlete, she also serves as an inspiration to seniors and home care agencies in Boca Raton.

Leading Her Age Group

Nagaoka set the world record within her age group in 2014, completing the 400-meter freestyle in 26 minutes, 16.36.80 seconds. Even though the feisty centenarian finished far behind the winner of a recent competition, she still holds world records in the 1500-meter freestyle and eight other events within her age division.

Eating Well and Staying Active

Nutrition and exercise are the “secrets” to Nagaoka’s success. She has a preference for fine foods and gets more regular exercise than some people half her age. Serving as living proof to what researchers have reported in numerous studies regarding the many benefits of staying fit and eating right, the geriatric athlete remains mentally sharp and focused.

Inspiring Others

Nagaoka joins a growing list of centenarian athletes in offering inspiration to other seniors. She may even take the “World’s Greatest Centenarian Athlete” title away from 104-year old Robert Marchand of France. There are more than 50 examples of athletic achievements of individuals 100 years or older around the world, including seven others still active in swimming competitions.

While Phelps plans to retire before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Nagaoka is determined to remain active within her age bracket for many more years. She currently trains three times a week and stresses the importance of remaining active, something that can benefit seniors of any age. It’s estimated that one in five people will be 65 or older by 2035.

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