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5 Practical & Ingenious Bathroom Gadgets for Seniors

While bathrooms are clearly an essential part of everyday life, they can also be a cause of great anxiety and even danger to senior citizens or those who struggle with limited mobility. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, we’re entering an age where things can be safer and easier than ever. Check out the following five gadgets that promote bathroom safety for seniors, presented by the trusted Boca Raton senior care provider, Home Care Assistance.

  1. LED Temperature Controlled Faucet or Shower Head – These faucets and shower heads are programmed with LED lights that glow various colors depending on the temperature of the water coming out. It makes it easier to avoid both the unpleasant feeling of frigid water, as well as the danger of burning oneself on scalding hot water, an especially important feature for seniors who may be extra sensitive to heat.
  2. Shower Sticker – This rubbery accessory provides the option to place a shower head hose within easy reach of those who may not be able to stretch or reach as they once did. By slipping the adhesive rubber sticker onto the handle of the hose, your loved one can place it anywhere on the wall for easy reach, a very practical benefit for seniors with arthritis.
  3. Bathroom Cleaning Robot – Keeping a bathroom clean is important for both health and comfort, but scrubbing and bending over for extended periods of can be exhausting and uncomfortable for older adults. Getting a Bathroom Cleaning Robot that will automatically clean floors, tubs, and walls of the shower may be the best way to keep a bathroom spic and span without the hard work.
  4. Spa Towel Warmer – Investing in this towel warmer will make sure robes and towels are always warm and cozy right after a shower or bath. While this gadget is mostly to promote additional comfort, it can be especially helpful to the caregiver who cares for a loved one who is somewhat resistant to bathing. A warm towel or robe can make the activity more pleasant.
  5. LavNav Nightlight – This gadget is particularly useful for those late night treks to the bathroom when nature calls after dark. The motion-activated light will turn on automatically when someone enters the bathroom, ensuring a clear path that helps to promote safety for your loved one.

These and other gadgets and gizmos are on the market to help ensure safety, comfort, and convenience in one of the most necessary rooms of any home. If you feel that your aging parent or loved one may still be unsafe when performing personal care activities, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Boca Raton and learn more about in-home care. With the help of a professional caregiver, your aging parent or loved one can maintain his or her regular routine with safety and independence. Call 561-826-9282 to request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation today.