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Sex Can Improve Senior Brain Health

For years, we have heard how important it is to take care of our brains as we age, and a new study from England’s Coventry University offers up one way to do just that: sex. The study showed that men and women over the age of 50 who are sexually active are also most likely to have a healthier brain. Read on to learn more, presented by Boca Raton elderly care professionals.

How Does It Work?

While more research needs to be completed, speculation suggests that the hormones dopamine and oxytocin — the ones that make you feel good during sex and when you are in love — are essential to and can even improve brain function. In general, a healthy lifestyle leads to healthy organs, and researchers suggest that an active sex life may be part of that healthy lifestyle.

Men Vs. Women

The study found that sexually active people over 50 tend to be more physically active, less lonely, and less depressed compared to those who are not sexually active. One unique part of the study showed that sex affected the brains of men and women differently. Sexually active women performed best on tasks that involved memory, while men performed better on tasks that involved both number sequencing and memory.

It is not clear as to whether this has something to do with the differences in brain structure or the way sex affects the brain. Only a few studies that link cognitive brain function and sex have been completed in the past, but all had similar findings: Sex is good for the brain.

Seniors and Sex

Sexual activity considered in the study did not necessarily include just intercourse. Masturbation and fondling were also acceptable forms of sexual activity. Unfortunately, sex tends to decline as people age. Illness, cultural definitions of attractiveness, lack of energy, menopause, and medications are all thought to play a role. However, frank conversations with your partner or your doctor can help you find ways to become more sexually active again if you so desire.

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