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Choosing the Right Doctor for Senior Needs

During the senior years, a person’s health needs will undergo significant changes, which can create a need to find the right doctor who can provide the highest level of quality care. Yet, many seniors and their families find it difficult to select a physician when they are handed a list of names and numbers by an insurance company, friend or medical professional. While references are always helpful, evaluating the following criteria will also ensure that the right doctor is found to fit a senior’s needs.

Experience with Geriatric Care

Gerontology is a specialized field of medicine in which physicians gain experience in working with older adults. While you may not need a specialist, it can be reassuring to know that a doctor has a firm understanding of the unique needs of senior adults. They will be able to advise specific medications, diet plans and activities which can promote total health, and they can also provide insight into the level of care that your loved one may need at home. If you are unable to support your loved one with activities of daily living at home, click here to learn more about professional in-home caregivers in Boca Raton.

Hospital and Insurance Affiliation

Today, finding the right doctor should also include making sure that they are affiliated with your preferred hospital and covered by your insurance plan. This is especially important if you are working with a specialist who may need to treat a health condition in an emergency. Make sure the hospital is close to the senior’s home and that the doctor has flexible working hours that include time to visit patients in the hospital if needed.

Personality and Communication

For seniors, a doctor’s bedside manner can make the difference for staying on top of appointments and following a treatment plan. After you have found a doctor, schedule a visit to make sure that their personality matches with your loved one. Then, make sure they are comfortable communicating with the senior as well as their other caregivers so that your loved one can benefit from a full team of support.

If your loved one suffers from a chronic condition or is experiencing some of the challenges associated with the natural aging process, making sure they attend regular doctor appointments and take prescribed medications on time is of the utmost importance. Be sure they have the right support system in place to do so, and if you believe they need additional assistance, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We offer hourly and live-in care in Boca Raton, and have a team of talented and highly trained caregivers who help ensure the safety, comfort and quality of life for the clients they serve.

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