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5 Ways You Can Prepare Your Loved One’s House for Post-Stroke Care

Strokes can affect seniors in many different ways. Before a senior comes home from the hospital it is important to modify the home to accommodate his or her needs. Boca Raton home care experts have identified some common areas of concern you may need to consider.

1. Safety-Proof the Bathtub or Shower

Many seniors who have had strokes develop complications with balance. It may be necessary to install grab bars in the shower area. Installing bath decals or nonslip mats may help your loved one stay more secure on his or her feet while standing in the tub. Some seniors may not be strong enough and may need a chair or bench to sit on when showering, while others may be unable to walk and need a transfer bench. Additionally, sponges with long handles can make it easier for your loved one to shower. If your loved one needs extra help while bathing, consider hiring a caregiver Boca Raton families trust to help with daily tasks.

2. Control Water Temperature

Think about whether it is easy to adjust the water temperature, as this can be a safety concern. Long handles on knobs make them easier to control. If your loved one has impaired vision, consider installing highly contrasting colored knobs with large font sizes.

3. Adjust the Commode

The toilet height may need to be adjusted so your loved one can get on and off easily. Removing the toilet altogether and using a three-in-one commode chair is a good option for some seniors who have had strokes.

4. Modify the Bathroom Sink

An elder who uses a wheelchair might find cutout sinks much easier to use because he or she can roll under them. Installing suction pads on the bottom of soap containers can help them stay in place so your loved one can use them easily with just one hand.

5. Change the Closet and Drawer Openings

Closet and drawer handles that can be opened with a fist are easier for many senior stroke survivors to use. Consider installing D-loops on commonly used closets and dressers.

Making these changes can make your loved one’s life easier while recovering from a stroke. If your loved one has had a stroke, look into the option of hiring a professional caregiver to assist him or her with daily tasks. At Home Care Assistance, a reliable name in elder in-home care, we provide experienced live-in and hourly caregivers, and we also offer specialized dementia, Alzheimer’s, and post-stroke care Boca Raton families can rely on. To learn more about our flexible in-home care options and to request a consultation, call (561) 826.9282 today.