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5 Festive Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s to Enjoy on New Year’s Eve

Families have a number of options to ring in the New Year while including a loved one with Alzheimer’s. You have the opportunity to make new memories while stimulating the memory of an older family member. Boca Raton Alzheimer’s care professionals suggest the following New Year’s activities you can share with an elder family member who has Alzheimer’s.

1. Throw a Slumber Party

Invite friends and family members over for the night. If the home does not have enough bedrooms, make space in the living or family room for an indoor camp out. Go through family albums together, play board games, and encourage your loved one to reminisce about past family holidays.

2. Set New Traditions

Borrow an activity commonly used in South American cultures to eliminate negativity. Create cardboard or paper “worry” dolls representing every family member attending the festivities. After the guests arrive, have everyone, including your loved one, write all the negative emotions or events they experienced in the past year. Instruct them to attach the notes to their dolls. At midnight, throw the dolls into a bonfire or the fireplace as a sign of removing the bad and welcoming the good.

3. Have a Quiet Night at Home

Later in the evening, after a family meal, make a bowl of popcorn and gather everyone to watch a favorite holiday family movie. If everyone chooses to watch home videos, stop the movie intermittently and encourage your loved one to share memories from the past.

4. Gather in the Kitchen

Make your aging parent feel a part of the festivities by preparing a special treat or dish together in the kitchen. Select a new recipe to create an atmosphere of adventure for all. Enjoy your creation with a glass of champagne or wine.

5. Share an Evening of Memories

Break out snack foods and a bit of alcoholic or non-alcoholic bubbly and spend a pleasant evening together simply talking. Revisit memories and talk about newly promised resolutions or general current events. Spending quality time with a senior family member is often a gift in itself.

Including a loved one with Alzheimer’s in New Year’s activities can help him or her relax and connect with the family. This can boost your loved one’s sense of wellbeing, which is important for his or her emotional health. Live-in and respite caregivers from Home Care Assistance are trained to adopt a holistic approach to home care and provide a caring environment to boost your loved one’s emotional health. Our compassionate caregivers are also trained to provide specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s senior home care Boca Raton families can trust. Call us at (561) 826.9282 to learn more about our services from an experienced Care Manager.