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How Caregivers Can Incorporate Music in Dementia Care

Many symptoms of dementia, including cognitive decline and feelings of depression and loneliness, can be reduced by regularly listening to music. If your elderly loved one has dementia, you may already know that music can offer these benefits, but may be unsure how to begin bringing music into your loved one’s life. The Boca Raton senior home care professionals at Home Care Assistance offer these four ways family caregivers can involve music in their senior loved one’s daily life.

1. Attend local concerts

Most cities offer free concerts, especially during the spring and summer months. These concerts offer your loved one a way to get out of the house, people watch, and enjoy some tunes. Whether your elderly loved one prefers classical, rock, or blues, you can be sure to find a music-oriented event in your loved one’s area.

2. Join a choir

If your senior loved one likes to sing, consider getting him or her involved in a local choir. Most community choirs welcome singers of all ages and abilities, making choir an easy activity for your loved one to begin, whether or not he or she has prior experience. Plus, as most choirs have concerts throughout the year that you and your family can attend. Joining this type of musical group can offer your loved one a confidence boost when he or she gets to perform.

3. Download favorite songs

If your elderly loved one doesn’t enjoy today’s popular music, he or she may benefit from having an iTunes or YouTube account with his or her favorites queued up. Have your senior relative make a list of songs that he or she loves and make them available for him or her by creating a playlist on a house computer. That way, you can simply click a button and share your loved one’s favorite tunes while relaxing at home.

4. Walk with an mp3 player

If your elderly loved one likes going on walks, you can enhance that time outdoors by providing an mp3 player loaded up with his or her favorite music. As listening to fast-tempo music while walking can encourage your loved one to adopt an aerobic pace while also keeping his or her mind engaged, using an mp3 player may offer additional cardiovascular benefits as well.

If you’re the primary caregiver for a senior loved one with dementia and could use help meeting his or her care needs, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We offer live-in, hourly, and respite care in Boca Raton, ensuring seniors and their families have the additional support they need each step of the way. To learn more, please call (561) 826.9282 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.