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5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Exercise Regularly

Just like anybody else, older adults sometimes need a little motivation to remain active. Even for seniors who’ve never really aspired to an active lifestyle, there can still be noticeable benefits to making an effort to participate in some type of exercise on a regular basis. In fact, at Boca Raton Home Care Assistance, we encourage all of our senior clients to participate in as much exercise as safely and physically possible for the following reasons:

  1. 1. Exercise boosts bone density and helps reduce the effects of osteoporosis.  Low bone density can make seniors more susceptible to serious injuries from falls. Regular exercise can strengthen bone density and may even reduce the severity of osteoporosis, one of the most common conditions among seniors, especially women over the age of 65. Recommended exercises include:
    • Weight-bearing exercises (like walking and jogging)
    • Resistance exercises (light-to-moderate weight lifting
  2. 2. Exercise enables seniors to retain higher levels of independence. Understandably, seniors value their independence. Studies confirm that regular exercise (at least 3 times a week) can help prevent or lessen the severity of common age-related conditions, allowing seniors to maintain and continue with their regular routines. Regular exercise also helps to strengthen muscles while increasing flexibility, two key areas that can help seniors to minimize fall risk, the leading cause of disability among aging adults in the United States.
  3. 3. Exercise helps to stimulate the metabolism. Metabolism, the rate at which fat is burned, can naturally slow down with age. Regular exercise, especially strength training, can help a senior’s body burn off more calories, which can help shed unwanted pounds and reduce the risk of certain age-related health problems and cardiovascular conditions.
  4. 4. Exercise gives seniors a reason to be more social.  Exercising with a friend can be a great way to find the necessary motivation to stay active. Numerous studies suggest that seniors who are more social tend to have a better support system and a positive attitude. If your aging parent or loved one doesn’t have a walking or exercise buddy, consider hourly care in Boca Raton where a part-time caregiver can accompany and assist your loved one with any daily exercises on an as-needed basis, and can also offer help with daily tasks.
  5. 5. Exercise improves overall health. Seniors who exercise on regular basis tend to experience far-reaching benefits in every aspect of life. The National Institute on Aging recommends the following exercises for seniors to improve overall health:
  • Endurance (biking, hiking, swimming, aerobics)
  • Strength training (weights, push-ups, sit-ups)
  • Stretching (yoga, Pilates, simple repetitive stretches)
  • Balance (i.e., standing on one foot, placing one foot in front of the other and walking along a line)

While there’s no question that regular exercise is beneficial, it’s important for seniors to speak with their doctor first before starting a regular exercise routine. Also keep in mind that even if your loved one has some physical limitations, there are many modifications that can still allow him or her to reap the rewards of regular exercise.

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