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How to Prepare for a Live-In Caregiver

Transitioning from part-time to live-in home care in Boca Raton can be a seamless and wholly positive experience for everyone involved. With the right amount of planning, families can easily create comfortable spaces for these professionals both in their homes and in their lives. Moreover, aging adults and all other household residents can mentally and emotionally prime themselves for this major change. All of these efforts will help seniors gain optimal benefits from their caregiver services.

Compile Pertinent Information to Share with the Caregiver

The more information a caregiver is given before going in, the easier it will be to customize these services to your loved one’s needs. Clearly list out all medications and the related dosing schedules. You should also write out a brief list of common side effects to look out for. Your loved one’s caregiver should have a list of emergency contact numbers, a breakdown of your senior loved one’s favorite foods, clothing and activities and a comprehensive write-up of the daily schedule that’s currently maintained. Special dietary requirements, living will instructions, physical therapy routines and behavioral concerns should be recorded and passed out as well.

Choose a Place in the Home That Offers Ample Privacy

Your loved one’s Boca Raton live-in caregiver will need a place to relax, refresh and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. When setting up his or her room, choose an area that will offer an optimal amount of comfort and privacy. Having a safe, personal space to unwind in will allow this person to handle caregiver duties from a positive and balanced mindset.

Schedule a Talk with Your Loved One

The golden years are invariably peppered with discussions that are far from comfortable for everyone. Talking about the need for live-in care can certainly be one of them. Families, however, should try to discuss this transition as openly and honestly as possible. Seniors should feel comfortable with this change and when possible, they should also participate in the selection of caregivers. Being forthright about why a caregiver is needed can alleviate feelings of guilt on the part of family members while ensuring that seniors do not feel burdensome.

Choose a Live-In Caregiver Wisely

While many caregivers offer a similar range of services, this does not mean that all live-in home care services are equal in quality and trustworthiness. The caregiver you hire will play the biggest role in determining how comfortable your loved one is with this change. Always work with licensed companies and professionals who have proven training, trackable histories and excellent reviews.

Create a Suitable Backup Plan

No person is physically and mentally equipped for handling caregiver duties non-stop and without ever taking a day off. Make sure that you have a feasible backup plan for your caregiver several times per week so that this individual can manage his or her own needs and responsibilities, engage socially with others and de-stress. This can be a role that you fill or you may recruit another family member or a secondary, part-time professional caregiver.

To learn more about the hiring process, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are the leading provider of Alzheimer’s, dementia and post-stroke home care Boca Raton families can trust to help seniors age in place. In addition to helping seniors with illnesses or injuries, we also help seniors who simply need help around the house. Call (561) 826.9282 today to learn more about our services and how they benefit our clients.