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Determining if Home Care is Right for an Aging Loved One

Watching your aging parent, grandparent or loved one struggle with daily activities and personal care can be frustrating and emotional for families. Sometimes it is difficult to know when and how to intervene. Is professional in-home care and support appropriate? When is placement necessary? The answers to these questions are individual in nature, but exploring them can help you to make the right decisions to support your loved one’s overall health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Professional in-home care in Boca Raton is an appropriate choice for seniors who need some supervision, assistance with day to day tasks and companionship. This is a good option for those who prefer to remain at home and enjoy one on one care. Seniors receive minimal assistance with activities of daily living including cooking, light housekeeping, medication reminders and transportation for medical appointments and errands.

In-home care services can even be provided 24-hours a day for those who need the highest level of assistance. Services are tailored directly to the senior’s individual needs whether they have recently suffered a fall or hospitalization, or require specialty dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s home care in Boca Raton. These live-in caregivers support the goal of aging in place, and are often the first choice for seniors who want to remain independent, close to family and surrounded by personal belongings.

When illnesses progress to a point that skilled medical care is necessary 24-hours a day, some families find that the best solution is placement. This is especially true when individuals are experiencing illnesses that keep them completely bedbound. While many complex conditions can be managed at home with the right support system, families should ask themselves if their loved one requires extensive medical care in order to maintain quality of life. If the answer is yes, placement may be the best option.

When thinking about moving an aging parent or loved one into an assisted living facility or nursing home, many families worry about continuity and consistency of care. If your aging parent or loved one requires the medical assistance that is only provided by an outside facility, hiring a part-time caregiver to deliver support, assistance and companionship bedside is always an option for additional peace of mind. Click here for more information about flexible hourly care plans in Boca Raton.

While decisions about caregiver support and placement are never easy to make, it is important to consider the timing of your choices. Discuss all options as a family to find the one that supports your loved one’s goals and promotes safety and independence.

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