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My Loved One Refuses to Downsize. What do I do?

At some point in their golden years, most seniors will need to downsize whether they are moving to a new residence or simply need to clear the clutter. However, the process of sorting through their belongings can be an emotional experience, and many seniors balk at the idea of getting rid of their cherished possessions. If your loved one needs help, Boca Raton Home Care Assistance offers a few strategies to encourage them through the process of downsizing.

  • Practice Sensitivity – From the moment you bring up the topic of downsizing, it is important to be sensitive to your loved one’s attachment to their belongings. Try to avoid making claims that their belongings are just clutter or collecting dust. Instead, acknowledge your loved one’s memories and focus on the benefits of clearing out some space.
  • Provide Suggestions for Sorting – Once your loved one has accepted the need to downsize, they may feel overwhelmed by the idea of sorting through a lifetime of belongings. Begin by focusing on one specific area of the home such as dresser or closet. Then, provide suggestions for how to organize their items to be donated and recycled. Often, just knowing that their unneeded clothing and household items are going to someone who needs them can provide the motivation to continue with the downsizing process.
  • Enlist Help – Recruiting help from family and friends can ease the sentimental emotions that your loved one may encounter while downsizing. Take the time to allow them to share memories and take pictures of cherished heirlooms. If your loved one has accumulated a lot of belongings, then a professional caregiver or mover can also be a source of support.

When you approach downsizing from every angle, your loved one will be more willing to accept the need to let go of unnecessary belongings and embrace the prospect of living in a clutter-free home.

If downsizing is the first step of creating a long-term care plan for your aging parent or loved one, contact Home Care Assistance of Boca Raton today. We understand how difficult finding care for a loved one can be and want to be a resource for your family and an advocate for your loved one during this difficult time. Call 561-826-9282 to speak to a Care Manager and learn more about our options for hourly and 24 hour home care in Boca Raton.