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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Loved One on Senior Citizens Day

For caregivers and family members, it can be easy to get lost in the worries associated with supporting a senior citizen. Each year on August 21, National Senior Citizens Day is an occasion to focus on the positive and honor the seniors in our lives. Here are five suggestions from a leading Boca Raton senior care provider for how to celebrate Senior Citizens Day this year.

Say “thank you”

These two words are among the simplest—and most powerful—in the English language. Although you may have transitioned into the role of a caregiver, Senior Citizens Day is a reminder that seniors have made important contributions of their own. This year, write a letter or otherwise thank a senior who has been important in your life. Be specific and sincere. Your heartfelt gratitude will be a meaningful gesture.

Be the student

One of the best gifts you can give is to make a senior feel heard and respected. Another way to honor a senior citizen is by taking the time to learn something from him or her. You could record an interview with a senior for a life history, or you could ask your loved one to teach you a treasured recipe or craft.

Look for local events

If your goal is to help a senior branch out or make friends, check your local listings for Senior Citizens Day events. Senior centers, community organizations, and even local libraries are potential sources of programming and activities. As a bonus, you may also have an opportunity to connect with other caregivers.

Surprise a lonely senior

You have no doubt seen or met a local senior citizen who appears to be largely alone. Perhaps he or she is completely self-sufficient and independent—but almost everyone appreciates an unexpected gift or treat. Whether you mention Senior Citizens Day or not, consider August 21 your invitation to do something nice for a solo senior in your area. Bake some homemade treats, drop off a gift card for a local shop, or simply carry their groceries. Those little acts of kindness always have a way of brightening someone’s day.

Senior’s Choice

If you are a caregiver for a senior citizen, you may be accustomed to making the rules and setting the agenda. This year, let Senior Citizens Day be a reminder to let your senior loved one maintain his or her voice. Is there something he or she has been wanting to do? August 21 is the day to finally do it!

If while spending time with your loved one on Senior Citizens Day you notice his or her fridge is fairly empty or the laundry is piling up, your loved one may require additional assistance to continue living at home independently. At Boca Raton Home Care Assistance, our friendly and compassionate hourly caregivers can help with errands, grocery shopping, light cleaning, personal grooming, mobility, and offer companionship and emotional support, ensuring your loved one remains safe and comfortable in his or her home. For more information, please give us a call at (561) 826.9282. We look forward to speaking with you.