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Surprising Foods That Reduce Senior Fall Risk

As individuals age, falling becomes a more prominent risk and can result in serious consequences that affect one’s health and mobility. Surprisingly, recent studies have found that certain foods that are good sources of vitamin D can boost the skeletal system by assisting calcium uptake that helps to regenerate bone. With that information in mind, the Boca Raton senior care experts at Home Care Assistance wanted to share our favorite delicious (and surprising) foods that can help reduce fall risk among older adults.

  1. Dairy Products – Most commercially produced dairy foods are fortified with vitamin D. Milk, yogurt and cheese are good sources of the nutrient, and the recommended daily allowance (RDA) can easily be found on the product’s label.
  2. Seafood – There are not many foods that are a natural provider of vitamin D, but this vitamin is readily found in several varieties of seafood. Wild-caught salmon, tuna, trout, swordfish, herring, flounder, tilapia, sardines and mackerel are all good sources of the nutrient.
  3. Mushrooms – Vitamin D is found in many varieties of mushrooms, and many commercial growers are exposing the plants to special light sources that enhance the product’s levels. Portabellos contain the highest amounts followed by Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms.
  4. Cereal – An easy way for seniors to ensure that they are getting enough vitamin D is to eat fortified cereal. Most brands and varieties on the market have the nutrient added during manufacturing, and with the addition of fortified milk to the bowl, older adults can get a healthy boost of vitamin D at breakfast or anytime during the day. It is also easier to keep track of the RDA because it will be noted on the package’s labeling.

Other Sources

Vitamin D can be found naturally in some foods with less prominence than the above-mentioned sources. Pork, eggs and soy yogurt contain about 15% of the RDA, and Tofu provides about 25%. Cod liver oil contains a large amount of vitamin D, but the levels of vitamin A are dangerously high in the product and pose a risk of toxicity.

Fortifying Your Loved One’s Meals

Sometimes older adults aren’t consuming enough vitamin D through their daily meals because they experience barriers to attaining and preparing food. For instance, some seniors may not have the ability to drive to the grocery store for fresh produce, while others may have difficulty cooking because of an age-related ailment or condition. If this is the case for your aging parent or loved one, consider help from a professional caregiver in Boca Raton. Caregivers can provide part-time care in Boca Raton on an as-needed basis, or can be scheduled for live-in care for around the clock assistance and support.

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