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Great Food for a Healthy Digestive System

The digestive system has the very important job of breaking down foods into smaller portions so that it can be easily absorbed and turned into energy. The body needs minerals, calories, proteins, fats, and vitamins to operate efficiently. The easiest way to help the digestive system run smoothly is to eat the right kinds of foods. If you provide home care in Boca Raton for an aging loved one, consider adding the following foods to his or her daily diet.

1. Zucchini

This vegetable packs a punch with its ability to hydrate and cleanse the body. Its high fiber count helps the digestive tract and acts as a mild laxative. The zucchini cleans the walls of the intestine preventing a buildup of toxins in the colon.

2. Red Beets

Red beets are a good choice because they are high in fiber, magnesium, and potassium. They help seniors find comfort from digestion problems such as abdominal upsets and constipation. Eating beets also helps remove waste from the body.

3. Apples

Apples are as good to eat as they are healthy for the body. Apples are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals, potassium, folate, and phosphorous, all of which are good for the digestive system. The pectin in apples is a soluble fiber that helps move stool through the intestines while increasing the amount of good bacteria in the body.

4. Bananas

Many people feel that bananas are the miracle food that cures everything. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but they do wonderful things for the digestion system. Bananas help restore potassium and electrolytes that are lost during bowel movements and they are brimming with fiber, which is essential to good digestion.

5. Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potato is known as the super food in the world of digestive health. Their high fiber content, complex carbohydrates, and manganese make them the go-to food for those looking to feel better. Just remember to keep the skins on for added benefits.

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