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5 Fast Facts about Strokes and Seniors

Did you know that one out of every 19 deaths in the United States is caused by stroke? This condition is also one of the leading causes of disability among older adults, and the risk of stroke more than doubles each decade after the age of 55.

As a leading provider of senior home care in Boca Raton, it’s important for us to educate our readers about common senior conditions such as stroke. The more seniors and their families know, the better able to meet changing needs with age. And if you provide care for an aging parent or loved one, the following five facts about stroke are even more important – this information may help save the life of your loved one in case of an emergency!

  1. At least half of Americans have one of the three major risk factors for stroke.
    These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking. Eliminating one or more of these risk factors greatly reduces the likelihood that your parent or family member will suffer a stroke.
  2. Knowing the symptoms of a stroke can save lives.
    When a senior is experiencing a stroke, the faster you are able to get them to the hospital, the better his or her outcome will be. Look for a drooping in one side of the face, numbness to one arm, and slurred or confused speech.
  3. 80 percent of strokes are preventable.
    By eliminating controllable risk factors like smoking, eating an unhealthy diet and having a sedentary lifestyle, your loved one is much less likely to have a stroke regardless of his or her age.
  4. Women are just as susceptible as men.
    While women have less instance of heart disease and cardiovascular problems overall, they are just as likely, or slightly more likely, than men to suffer from stroke. This is partially because women tend to live longer than men.
  5. Recurrent stroke is common.
    About 185,000 people who survive a stroke go on to have another. In fact, a quarter of people who have one stroke will go on to have another stroke within five years. This means that prevention is even more important if your parent or family member has already had a stroke.

Armed with this knowledge, you can help ensure quality of life for your aging parent or loved one. And if your loved one has already suffered from a stroke and is in need of assistance, Home Care Assistance of Boca Raton can help. Our experienced and professional in-home caregivers are trained specifically in how to care for senior stroke survivors. With their assistance, you can enjoy peace of mind and your loved one can enjoy an enhanced recovery period. Call 561-826-9282 to request free information about Boca Raton stroke care or a complimentary consultation.