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Exercising with Parkinson’s Disease

Seniors living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) are commonly fearful of exercise, constantly concerned about falls or other injuries that may further limit their mobility. Contrary to popular belief, exercise can be extremely beneficial for those with Parkinson’s when performed under proper supervision. According to the National Parkinson Foundation, not only can physical activity help to promote balance and coordination, it may also delay the progression of Parkinson’s.

If you provide care for an aging parent or loved one with Parkinson’s, learn more about in-home Parkinson’s care in Boca Raton before reading the following tips for getting your loved one on board with an exercise program:

  • Location in Relation to Safety – Participating in something fun that your loved one will enjoy can be a great motivating tool. With this being said, some activities may be safer than others. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor activity, safety measures should always be in place. For example, your loved one should always be able to grasp a grab-bar or other steady structure when exercising. Non-slip shoes and matting should be used when applicable and slippery surfaces should be avoided.
  • Do Not Forget the “Small Muscles” – Cardiovascular exercise is very important for good overall health and delaying the progression of PD, but caregivers sometimes forget about the “minor exercises”. Range-of-motion for the hands and simple finger exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. The same is true of exercises that target the muscles of the face. Parkinson’s care specialists recommend actively engaging the voice and muscles of the face by vigorous chewing, singing and accentuating the lips.
  • Consider a Physical Therapy (PT) Consult – One of the best ways to ensure a safe exercise program that is tailored to the needs of the person suffering from PD is to consult with a physical therapist. Ensuring safe and effective activity is a part of their job, and they can make recommendations, work with the elder and provide encouragement if the loved one is fearful or skeptical of beginning an exercise program.
  • Look into Outside Assistance – Because consistency is key, when participating in an exercise program, many families look to home care professionals to assist when they are unable to be by their loved one’s side 24/7. Professional Boca Raton hourly caregivers are highly trained and can encourage activity, provide support and can even assist with exercises recommended by a physical therapist. Along with physical activity assistance, caregivers can help with mobility, bed and wheelchair transfers, household chores, personal care, transportation and so much more.

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