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4 Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone

As a leading provider of elder care in Boca Raton, we know firsthand that aging in place has many benefits, but a few precautions should be taken to help seniors avoid any pitfalls. Share these simple, yet important steps with your senior loved one to help him or her increase their safety while enjoying an independent lifestyle.

1. Prepare for Emergencies

Keep emergency numbers by each phone in large print. Phone numbers alongside “911” should include Poison Control, your healthcare provider, and family and friends that you can call on in the event of an emergency. Keep a fire extinguisher and fire safety plan readily available, put together an emergency kit that includes a flashlight, matches, candles, and batteries in case of a power outage, and assemble an extreme weather emergency kit that includes bottled water, canned food, and blankets.

2. Fall-Proof the Home

Install banisters and rails on the stairs, and avoid placing rugs at the top and bottom of stairs. Place non-slip mats in the entryways, and use cord-wrapping apparatuses to organize electrical cords. You might also ask a friend or family member to install grab bars in the bathroom for additional slip and fall prevention.

3. Add Security

Install a carbon monoxide detector near all bedrooms in order to detect any gas. Change the battery at least two times a year. Make sure that the water heater thermostat is set under 120 Fahrenheit to prevent burns. Some seniors might also want to install a home security system and update the locks to avert intruders.

4. Get to Know the Neighbors

Get to know the neighbors if you don’t already. Share your everyday schedule with one or two who will be able to identify if something seems off. Getting to know the neighbors also provides the advantage of assistance in things such as shoveling the sidewalk, watering the plants, and picking up the newspaper and mail when away from the home or under the weather.

Learn more about promoting senior safety from the friendly staff at Home Care Assistance. If your senior loved one is aging in place, he or she may benefit from the help and companionship of a part-time caregiver. For more information on our care services, including dementia and Alzheimer’s care for seniors in Boca Raton, give us a call at (561) 826.9282 and schedule a free in-home consultation.