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5 Tips to Make Downsizing Easier

It’s not uncommon for seniors to downsize, but the task can seem daunting, especially if your loved one has lived in the same place for years and accumulated quite a bit of stuff. Here are a few tips from Boca Raton Home Care Assistance to make tackling downsizing easier.

1. Start Early

Plan ahead. Don’t wait until a week before the moving out date to start sorting and packing. Help your loved one make lists and talk about what he or she wants to take or can’t live without.

2. Ditch Multiples

After living in the same place for years, or even decades, your loved one may have four spatulas and 23 wine glasses. There’s no need to take multiple to the new house. Take one spatula and just four of the wine glasses. The same goes for clothes (especially things that no longer fit) and books that won’t be read again.

3. Sell Items in Good Condition

Join a neighborhood yard sale or use an online site like eBay or Craigslist to sell large items in good condition. If your loved one has antique furniture in good condition, look into an auction house or other resource that specializes in brokering expensive sales.

4. Donate What Isn’t Sold

Aside from Goodwill and Salvation Army, amateur theater companies can use old clothing or furniture, retirement homes may be interested in books, and local churches can always use unwanted goods. No matter what your loved one donates or to whom, be sure he or she gets a receipt for tax purposes.

5. Rent a Storage Unit

If your loved one has a collection of items that he or she can’t part with, consider renting a storage unit. Give it a few months and then readdress the items being stored. Sometimes, putting things out of sight can help people determine they either really want or complete forgot an item.

If you think your senior loved one could use additional help around the house once he or she settles in, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our flexible live-in, part-time, and respite home care in Boca Raton provides seniors the help they need to maintain health, wellness, and independence in the comfort of home. Give us a call at (561) 826.9282 to learn more!