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How Height Impacts Disease Risk

Over the last 100 years, humans have continued to grow taller than their ancestors. This phenomenon is attributed by many scientists to improved nutritional practices, abundance of food, better hygiene, and more accessible health care. With each generation that grows taller, the connection between height and disease becomes more apparent.

Healthier Heart

Taller people have a tendency to have a stronger cardiovascular system than their shorter counterparts. Data shows that for every 6.5 cm in height, the cardiovascular mortality risks decreases by six percent. As recently learned by Boca Raton elder care professionals, studies show that they also have a lower risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes during their lifetime. Research indicates that tall people have less fat in the liver, and they tend to be more sensitive to insulin, which explains why they are less prone to these two diseases.

Height and Cancer

Research has shown an increase in cancer among taller men and women. Cancers such as breast, colon, rectal, malignant melanoma, kidney, ovarian, uterine, lymphoma, and leukemia were included in these studies. Cancer mortality statistics in taller individuals show an increase of four percent. One theory is a higher level of growth factors in taller people produces more cells that may later mutate, causing tumors. They also have a higher energy intake level, which has also been linked to cancer.

The association between height and disease has been noted earlier, but recent studies have put this at the forefront of the height discussion. Taller individuals need to be aware that they are at a higher risk of cancer and watch for signs. As people continue to grow taller from one generation to the next, it is important to be conscious of the risks and take strides to reduce the chance of disease.

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