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4 Most Common Injuries Among Elderly

According to the CDC, roughly one-third of E.R. visits by seniors are for various injuries. As we age, our chance of injury increases, and the best way to stay safe is through awareness and prevention. Following are four of the most common injuries among seniors and preventative suggestions.

1. Broken Bones

Unintentional falls are one of the most common causes of injuries to seniors. As people age their muscle mass and bone density decreases. These two things working together cause a senior’s balance to become compromised. Seniors see benefits from a daily balance exercise routine designed to help aging adults develop stronger muscles that in turn protect the bones most susceptible to injury.

2. Sprained Ankles

Ankle sprains can be extremely painful and are often the result of a misstep that causes the ankle to turn and roll. Sprains can range from light to severe depending on the injury, and a light sprain can become worse and even turn into a fracture if not attended to. Seniors need to wear proper fitting shoes with gripping soles, use an assistive device, or seek mobility support from a home caregiver to prevent sprained ankles.

3. Head Injuries

Head traumas occur when a senior loses their balance and hits their head. Many visits to the emergency room are because of head injuries resulting from a fall. Your elderly loved one’s living space should be clear of clutter and loose items such as rugs and extension cords.

4. Neck and Back Injuries

Neck and back injuries are common among seniors, who can easily strain or tear ligaments resulting in chronic pain. Encourage your loved one to stretch everyday to help loosen up neck, back, and shoulder muscles. Also, make sure he or she isn’t doing any heavy lifting. Ask family members to help with chores and errands, or consider professional in-home care in Boca Raton to help your loved one avoid any preventable injuries.

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