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Caregiving Consistency Vital in Dementia Care

For a loved one with dementia, consistency in caregiving makes for a happier life. Along with ensuring your loved one has regular support from your family, hiring a professional dementia caregiver can provide the consistent care that your loved one needs to manage symptoms, and remain safe, comfortable, and as independent as possible at home.

A Familiar Face

When working with a reputable Boca Raton dementia care provider, your loved one will be assigned one or two professional caregivers that will be responsible for meeting care needs. Having the same caregiver on a regular basis is an oasis for a loved one. It provides a sense of comfort and security. Family members also benefit from a familiar face as they can be confident that care is being provided by a professional who knows their loved one well.

Facilitated Communication

The brain changes that occur with dementia can make communication challenging. A senior may be unable to find the right words to convey their needs and may also not understand what is being said by others. A caregiver who really knows his or her client can better anticipate and meet their needs and can also engage in regular conversation with the client to reduce feelings of anxiety, frustration, and aggression.

Streamlined Care

Streamlined care results when there is a strong relationship between caregiver, client, and family. When a caregiver is well-versed in the needs of a senior, it’s easier to be organized. Activities can be systematized. This is especially important for tasks that must be done in a timely manner. Medication and doctor appointments can be kept on schedule.

Professional Intervention

Mood swings are common with dementia. A client may vacillate between feeling confused, anxious, suspicious, and depressed. A caregiver who knows the triggers for their client’s behavioral changes can better avert them and can skillfully manage them when they arise. Boca Raton live-in caregivers who provide around-the-clock monitoring can also help to manage symptoms such as sundowning and wandering.

Established Routines

A senior with dementia is easily upset when out of their comfort zone. Established routines conducted in the comfort of home provide a sense of security. They also promote orientation to time and place. When a person is disoriented to place, they’re confused about where they are. When they’re disoriented to time, they’re unaware of the clock and calendar. When daily activities are consistent and daily tasks are performed at the same time each day, a senior is more grounded.

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