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5 Reasons to Think Twice about Caring for Mom or Dad

When dad or mom experiences changes in physical or mental health that make it difficult for him or her to live alone safely, your first thought may be to invite your parent into your home to provide the necessary care. Yet, even the most loving and devoted adult children sometimes struggle to provide the care their parent deserves. Here are five reasons to think twice about caring for mom or dad.

  1. Chronic Health Conditions are Difficult to Manage – Although it may seem simple enough to ensure that mom takes her medicine on time every day, many of the chronic health conditions that the elderly face come with a number of complex side effects. It can become overwhelming for inexperienced family caregivers to manage such responsibilities without proper training, and in some cases, it is best for mom to be surrounded by experienced and professional in-home caregivers.
  2. Relationships are Difficult to Maintain – Sons and daughters often do not realize that they will be giving up their role as family member in place of caregiver. It can be difficult to separate both roles, often causing tension and sometimes damaging the once strong relationship between a parent and their child. Parents can often feel embarrassed or ashamed that help is needed, further damaging the relationship.
  3. Safety is Constantly at Risk – Regardless of your attempts to provide safety for your parents, unless you can keep a close eye on things around the clock, regular household items like the stove, the family car, and even the fireplace can all become hazards. If your loved one is living with a chronic age-related condition, he or she may even need 24 hour home care to ensure maximum safety and comfort.
  4. Your Emotional Well-Being is at Stake – The reality of being a caregiver is you will have less time to yourself, and this means that your own social life will be impacted. Feelings such as stress, exhaustion and anxiety are common with caregiving, and it’s important for family caregivers to be aware of these feelings and possible options for support.
  5. Caregiving Impacts All Aspects of Life – When you choose to care for your elderly parent, it affects your entire family. You’ll have less time to spend with your spouse and your children, and this can negatively impact the family dynamic. Depending on your loved one’s care needs, you may also need to reduce hours at work or stop pursuing your career.

Many children care for aging parents, and it can be an extremely rewarding experience when the right precautions are taken and appropriate support systems are in place. To learn more about caring for an aging parent or loved one, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Boca Raton, FL.

Home Care Assistance is a premier provider of senior home care, offering highly trained caregivers, flexible hourly and live-in care schedules and no long-term contracts. Our care services can be used to supplement a family caregiver’s schedule or can be utilized for around-the-clock care so that families can enjoy total peace of mind, while still maintaining their regular work and family routines. Request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager today by calling 561-826-9282.